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Model: Ashar Foley / Photo by Sunghun Kim

installation, mixed media (balloons covered with fabric, controlled with microcontroller, casted my own legs with plaster), 25ftX29ft

It is a big kinetic sculpture made with mixed media. The idea of Beings is based on a recurring dream. In my dream, there were several black "beings" playing on a gigantic blue trampoline. That scene persisted in my mind, until I decided to reproduce it in my work. As a result, I created a trampoline and the black smooth irregular shapes.

The trampoline was supported by six legs, casted from my own leg.

The "beings" were animated by a pneumatic mechanism controlled by an Arduino microcontroller.

Lawrence Alloway Gallery, Stony Brook, NY

-------------------------------------- After the installation, I evolved this project by exploring animation/performance/light box as ways to incarnate my dream without physical limitations.

-Animation, 'Beings' 1:36 mins, (sound collaboration: Phil Salathe), 2009

-Light Box, 'Beings', 2009

-Performance, 'Beings', the Living Theatre in NYC, 2009