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Love Letters

two channel video (3mins. each), headphones

I rode a bicycle from my room to my studio. During the short trip, I listened to my voice recording of sound while I read a loud love letters written to me. This may seem like a peculiar habit from another's point of view. Actually, I began to record the love letters using my own voice because sometimes I needed someone talking to me, to make me feel calm and warm. It helped me avoid the terrible experience of loneliness. I realized that the time I rode my bike was the perfect time to refresh and empower myself by the listening to the love letters.

The image of LOVE_HAPPY seems like I am talking to someone; however, in truth, the reverse is the case. I was listening to the story of another. The earphone implies this. Even though the love letters are very personal and intimate, the contents have a diverse range of aspects which all people who have had or are having a long distance relationship would feel empathy for. Everyone experiences being apart from their love regardless of their will at least once. They hope and dream of their future but nothing is clear. They ask themselves a lot of questions. Where should I live? Why do we live apart? What is the most important thing in my life? Am I doing the right thing? What am I sacrificing now?

The two different stories in the videos, the LOVE_HAPPY and the LOVE_SAD, are connected with each other. Thus, viewers can understand what are the relationship and the situation between the listener and the writer.